Postdoctoral Fellowships Available

The following two-year industry-sponsored Postdoctoral Fellowship in Mobile Mesh Networking Evaluation is available immediately. The position will remain open until an appropriate candidate is identified.

Application Deadline: December 1, 2018

Contract Type: Temporary Full Time

Research Background

Connectivity in remote, and rural communities in Canada and around the world has led to a digital divide where millions lack access to online resources and the digital economy due to insufficient or non-existent infrastructure.

Left, an award-winning start-up company located in Maple Ridge, British Columbia (a suburb of Vancouver) has developed a novel approach known as RightMesh to bridge this digital divide. Specifically, RightMesh capitalizes on the Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, and Bluetooth technologies that exist in most modern mobile devices. RightMesh turns individual user devices into “nodes” in a mobile mesh network, which can be accessed by local users to connect to the internet. RightMesh enables data sharing and connectivity in the absence of, or in parallel with internet and/or cellular infrastructure.

To ensure that Left continues to lead in this domain, we are seeking a Postdoctoral Fellow to explore, implement, and evaluate network role assignment optimization, including, but not limited to such topics as device density, switching optimization, routing optimization, traffic balance optimization, caching protocols, and device energy conservation.

Research Obj1.1 Role Assignment Optimization [Postdoctoral Fellowship]

The goal of this research question is to 1) develop and evaluate neighbourhood discovery algorithms, 2) understand the effect that a dynamic node structure will have on the performance of the mesh network, and 3) optimize the assignment of roles given different network scenarios.

In addition to developing and evaluating these algorithms, the Postdoctoral Fellow will be responsible for working with and coordinating various PhD, MSc, and undergraduate research interns who will research mesh network performance.

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